Brian Douglas in This Developing Journey

git commit –amend

Multiple times I have found myself in need of editing my commit messages due to typos or unclear messages. I have that the use of git commit --amend and git reset -- hard.

Having a short and concise commits have been useful for myself, especially I have had to start and my feature stories multiple times during the course of the month.

Another practice in reading code to learn is reading each commit (line by line) to get a good understanding on what the code is doing. Reading commit messages on code that you have no association with could feel as an unneeded experience, but my recommendation is to do so to grasp a better understanding of the code in general.

Update: If the terminal is your default way of using git then you will need to know enough VIM to navigate. I recommend vimtutor or vim adventures. Of course you could always use the github GUI but thats doesn’t feel like coding.