Brian Douglas in This Developing Journey

My Guide to Learning Ember

Less than a year ago I took on the challenge of learning to develop with the ember(front-end javacript framework). I gave up rather quickly and did not revisit the challenge until I found a pretty indepth tutorial, which is now outdated. Shortly after the completion of this app I learned of ember-cli which has significantly decreased the size of my ember learning curve.

The following will be my recommendations to learning ember with the most up to date tutorials and material. The majority of the ember blog post and tutorials live on the web seem to out of date and my hope is to clearly lay out a path for someone new to ember to begin learning.

*There are many tools to use in learning ember, but below are the recommendation I have personally used and completed.


Regardless of which path you take to learning ember, this book is must purchase. Not only are you guranteed to have an up to date guide in learning ember, the author has promised(and delivered) updates to the book just as frequent as ember’s new 6 week release cycle.

At the end of the book you will have a good understanding in building a vanilla ember application as wells as working with a few ember addons.

Tilde Training

This training comes with a cost but if you are like myself and determined to get a grasp on understanding ember and its conventions, I do recommend this. The video series is taught by the founding core team members, Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz and very insightful.

You will walk away with a pretty nice music player app and get a better understanding to how each component in ember works and a reason on why it’s included in the framework straight from the horses mouth.

Ember Screencasts

Similar to the Railscast, Jeffrey Biles has created emberscreencast weekly snippets of pro and free videos going in depth on different tools and ways to implement features with ember.

This screencast personaly helped me through some learning hurdles in implementing pagination in my current ember application.

Connecting to Rails-API to Ember

This gem of a blog post and accompanied youtube video helped me in understanding how to not only connect a rails api to my ember application, but also as a bonus exposed me to the rails-api gem.

Ember prides itself on seprating the concerns of the api and the client-side application and this blog post shows that very well.

Ember Observer

Ember has a thriving community and the addons speak for that. The Ember Observer is not only a great search tool for addons that work well with the ember-cli, but it also provides useful addons ratings based on the contributions and lastest updates.

Honorable Mentions

Although these are not tutorials or learning materials, I recommend subscribing to both of these podcast on ember, they will give you a better insight on new material for learning ember.

Thanks for reading and happy hacking! ember-logo